What Makes Texas Texas?

Texas is indeed a unique state, and also one that didn’t exactly get the subtlety memo. There are countless things that make this state unique, one of them being that it is bigger than England and France combined, big, huh? We take a look at some of the main reasons why Texas is…well, Texas.

It was an independent nation

Well, so was Vermont and California and Hawaii but these don’t really talk about it, but this is Texas and it has to be talked about. Texas was among the few states that had been recognized as independent nations before joining the union. It was known as the republic of Texas.

It is legally permitted to secede

That should have read that it is legally permitted to secede from the union. When President Lincoln made it illegal for states to secede, Texas was controlled by union forces and not confederate forces and is therefore legally permitted to leave.

Six flags have flown over Texas

This is because it was controlled by six countries namely Spain, France, Texas, Mexico, US and the confederate States. The Texas flag as a country was before the state joined the union, when it was still an independent republic.

It is a true battleground state

Since the state is very large (remember larger than Britain and France combined), it is allocated a large number of electors under the Electoral College rule than other battleground states.

It is home to the most presidential libraries

Well, in all fairness it is also the home to four former presidents so maybe that is to be expected. These are the Lyndon Baines Library, George Bush Library and the George W Bush presidential center.

Transport infrastructure

Texas has the longest railroad and highway transport system in the USA. This is in addition to having the most airports. But again, it is very large so it needs the roads.

Largest medical center

The Texas medical center is the largest one in the world and has constantly been among the leaders in research. The center carries out the most heart-related surgeries in the world. The center is located in Houston.

It has its own embassies

Texas has its own embassies in other countries. These had been built under the independent republic of Texas but still stand today. There is one in London, England.

NASA space center

This is primarily the reason for the phrase ‘Houston, we’ve got a problem’. Famous phrase right there. Well, the Lyndon Johnson space center is used by NASA to conduct human spaceflight training.

Long Term Care

Texas is home to many high quality nursing and long-term care homes. Texas features many high class luxury nursing home which are rated amongst some of the highest in the country. Click here to learn the average costs of long-term care in Texas.